DIY Chrsitmas Card Wreath


Love this simple, fun DIY Christmas wreath! Great for a country home. You could even use pictures instead of cards for a more personal family fun!  What I love about this is that the frame can be reused, and the pictures or cards swapped out every year – this one is a keeper for sure!






What you need:

  • 15-18 Christmas cards or pictures
  • Wooden Clothes pins (small ones look best)
  • large wooden embroidery hoop
  • Wood Glue


Hoop the ribbon through the embroidery loop, and mark the width of the ribbon with chalk or a pencil.

Glue the clothespins to the loop about 1.5 – 2  inches apart, the wreath pictured above has two facing outwards then one facing towards the inside of the loop, but alternate it as you like.

Once glue is dry, add cards, pictures and ribbon to the top of the  wreath for hanging it up.

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