Candy Canes and Chocolate Christmas Hearts

These candy cane Christmas hearts make a great edible gift or weekend project to make with the kids! This is a fun project to make with children, and the children can decorate and personalize the hearts with their choice of sprinkles. Of course, the cherry on top is the fun of eating them after!


What You Need:


What to do:

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper or similar liner to prevent sticking.

Arrange the candy canes on the sheet, pairing them up to make hearts.

Melt the chocolate in separate bowls. This can be done in the microwave (on a low setting or in short intervals) or in a double boiler (bain-marie).

Fill each candy cane heart with melted chocolate, if you want to use both chocolates for each heart add one chocolate, let it cool, then add the other. Top with sprinkles.

Place the baking sheet in the fridge or in a cool place to cool. Once they are cool remove the hearts and store in an air tight container.



That’s it! This treat can make great token gifts for teachers, classmates, neighbors or other acquaintances!



DIY Christmas Centerpieces

Nothing says DIY Christmas Decorations like this collections of candle centerpieces and accents. These 5 classic DIY Christmas Centerpieces are a few of our favorites we’ve found floating around the web with the perfect blend of nature, color, winter and Christmas spirit.

  1. Cranberry Mistletoe Floating Christmas Candle

    Cranberries and variegated holly make this simple floating candle into an elegant table centerpiece.

    blog candle floating cranberry[1]

    All you need for this simple centerpiece – Cranberries, holly leaves, candles, and a glass cylinder or vase!


  2. Icy Twigs Classy Winter Candles

    DIY Christmas CenterpieceDIY Christmas Decorations

    All you need for this elegant display are some twigs, metallic crafting wire, tumbled glass, tall vase and floating candles. Fasten a few pieces of tumbled glass to the twig and arrange then in the vase. Fill the vase with water and add the candles. For detailed instructions follow bellow.

    You can also skip the tumbled glass, and use plain twigs for a simple, elegant feel.


  3. Country Christmas Mason Jar Candle


    We simply loved this country style mason-jar floating candle. Use a recycled jar or purchase a few. Fill with water and add some mistletoe (or greenery of your choice, holly looks beautiful as well), fresh cranberries and add a candle for and elegant country Christmas.


  4. Yule Tide Christmas Mantle Piece or Centerpiece

    DIY Chrsitmas Log Candle Holder

    This rustic Christmas mantle-piece or centerpiece makes a stunning addition to your Christmas decor. To get started you’ll need a log, a drill and a 1.5 inch drill bit, hammer and chisel and tea candles or votive candles. If you use votive candles, be sure to use a glass cup so you can easily change the candles.


  5. Christmas Berry Candle Trio


    Add a warm Christmas glow with this beautiful candle trio. These use rose hips, but feel free to use whatever Christmas berries you have. Make sure not to overfill the vases, and use several sizes for more fun.


  6. Pine Cone Rustic Christmas Candle


    Simple, rustic, and stunning.  Add a few small pine cones to a small candle holder, fill with water and add a votive. Wrap the top with pain twine, or twine and gold thread for added detail.


  7. Bittersweet Wrapped Christmas Candle Centerpiece


    Wrap a large jar with bittersweet berries, or whatever berries you have available. Fill the jar with water, add several floating candles. Add a few sprigs of holly or mistletoe if you prefer a little green.