1) Elegant Wreath Display

This elegant window display is so simple, but so amazing! Red ribbon and simple green wreaths create a beautiful, elegant Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Window Decoration Idea Wreat


2) Christmas Star Curtain Decor

Christmas star curtain lends a magical glow to any room. Simple, elegant and minimalist it can blend into any homes decor.


Christmas Window Decoration Ideas - lights

3) Hanging Branch Window Dressing

This simple hanging branch is a unique, beautiful addition to your Christmas decor, and oh so very simple!  Ribbon, baubles and Christmas cards or ornaments mean you can make this display uniquely yours.


Christmas Widow Decoration Idea - Baubles



3)Christmas Window Display – Twigs & Crystals

Twigs, Beads and Faux Candles Make this elegant Christmas display elegant and memorable. Pine cones, and berries can add the seasonal element for a country Christmas, or elegant home.


2) Christmas Picture – Frame Your Windows

An empty picture frame, ribbon and baubles make a divine window Christmas dressing that can be customized to suit your likes!



4)Christmas Cookie Nordic Inspired Window Decor

Ginger bread cookies, cookie cutters and simple string make a stunning, homey decoration for the season. Use white frosting to write on the cookies, or leave them plain for a simply stunning look.


Christmas Widow Decoration Idea - Baubles


5) Window Wreath and Ribbon

The wreath of your choice and a wide ribbon come together for a timeless Christmas window decor idea. Use a store bought wreath, or make your own to match your homes decor style.




6) Star Wreath Country Christmas Display

Star shaped wire wreaths and a suspended branch make this beautiful, nature loving window display.  This is a beautiful and whimsical window treatment, beef it up with fairy lights for a stunning night time display!


Christmas Widow Decoration Idea - Baubles


7) Country Window Sill

Votive’s, greenery and a string of Christmas cards make a simple, warm window dressing.

Christmas Widow Decoration Idea - Baubles


8) Candy Cane Window Curtains

Candy canes and ribbon make a beautiful Christmas window display, framed with every green garland it’s perfect! Use plastic one in warmer weather to avoid breaking, or snacking.

Christmas Widow Decoration Idea - Baubles

9) Birds On a Ledge

Potted evergreens and birds on a branch swing pull together this perfectly elegant Christmas window!

Christmas Widow Decoration Idea - Baubles


10) Advent Calendar Christmas Window

Simple and fun, this window advent calendar marks the days till Christmas with candy canes.

Christmas Window Decor Idea - Advent Calendar


11)Pine Cones Curtains

Pine cones hung with green ribbon makes is simply lovely! Votive candles, berries and greenery finish off the look perfectly.

Christmas Window Decorations

The look is versatile, changing the ribbon color, and garland can easily give you a completely new look.

Window Decor Christmas


12)Christmas Lights/Mason Jar Display


Christmas lights in large mason jars, pine cones, and garland make this stunningly display, perfect for a kitchen window sill.


Christmas Widow Decoration Idea - Baubles