Wind Cork Snowmen

1) Cute Peanut Snowmen

These adorable peanut snowmen are easy to make and loads of fun for kids of all ages! – source

Kids Christmas Crafts - Peanut Snowmen


2)Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Ornaments

These Christmas craft for kids are cute, fun, simple and endless ways to make them uniquely your own! With toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, paint, googly eyes and pom-poms or wooden beads your kids can have hours of Christmas fun. – source


Christmas Craft For Kids - Toilet Paper Reindeer Ornaments


3)Personalized Hand Print  Christmas Baubles

This Christmas craft for kids is so much more than a simple project, is can be a fun way to make yearly personalized ornaments for each of your kids that you can cherish for years to come! (Come on, they really do grow up way too fast!)

A simple hand print turns a plain glass (or plastic) bauble into an adorable, and unique ornament for your family tree.  – source

Personalized Chrsitmas Baubles - DIY christmas ornaments kids

Have the kids write their name on the bottom, and add even add the date for a life long memento.


Personalized Christmas Ornament - Christmas Crafts For Kids


4)Reindeer Thumbprint Bauble

A Child’s thumbprint, marker, and paint can turn a plain bauble into a cute ornament for your tree or wreath. This is a simple craft that’s perfect for cold winter days when the kids are stuck indoors. – source



5)Fun Peppermint Ornaments

Brighten up the Christmas Tree with peppermint ornaments. Arrange them in a wreath or other pattern and glue together with frosting. – source

Kids Christmas Decorations