Acorn Christmas Garland

This stunning acorn Christmas garland from screams cold winter nights, eggnog and a country Christmas.  This inexpensive project uses acorn caps, red wooden beads, and twine to create a unique holiday garland that can last for years.

Acorn Christmas Garland



 Make a Acorn Christmas Garland

Making this holiday garland is very simple and inexpensive, and some things, like the acorn caps, can be gathered from your yard, on walks, or in the park!

What You Need:

  • Acorn Caps (with stem)
  • Hemp Twine
  • Brown Floral Tape
  • dark brown thread
  • Red wooden beads
  • Scissors
  •  Hot glue gun and glue



Use a drop of hot glue to clue a red bead to each acorn cap. Tie a piece of  string to the stem of the acorn cap, and use the brown floral tape to fasten it in place wrapping it around the string and the stem. Finally use the string to tie the acorns to the twine or hemp cord.


That’s it! You have now created a stunning, recyclable acorn Christmas garland to bring the outdoors inside this holiday season.


For full step by step instructions, complete with pictures, click here.